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Raised Greek Orthodox. Baptized Protestant - Mormon - Catholic. Receives mission from Christ in the BORN-AGAIN EXPERIENCE as with Franklin Graham. Spends hour with Pope John Paul with a Senator's secretary outside Christchurch to witness a Fatima event in 1986.


MESSAGE FROM SAINTS is to the bishops of North and South America from Saints John Paul and Ronald Reagan. A message shared with Archbishop Cisners and the author after each spent and afternoon with the Pope- Christchurch and Quito.


     50 PAGE  SYNOPSIS of book being send to the Vatican and the Bishops from Alaska to Argentina to convene Pope Francis with President Trump to consecrate the Americas @ Solomon’s Temple in Brazil-


  Our story-telling adventure recalls Marco Polo spending 20 years in China with Kublai Khan. And another Christian  called True Believer who made a similar journey in Pilgrims Progress. This journey is from New to Old and from Old to New and back again in North and South America and Europe like Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. A venture that begins…..

  Hitchhiking from Dallas in 1967 to the Bahamas to fly to Europe from high school then to  Mexico for University in the land of the Toltecs  studying the Path of the Warrior and the Way of the Shaman with Carlos Castaneda teaching in the mountains.

Then after a year of travel and study in Mexico to return from  total immersion into the esoteric realm of ancient spirits called the Death Defiers and shape-shifting animal spirits too. But return in despair and dismay to seek absolution out of that deep dimension of human history to having the  Born-Again experience and walking with Jesus Christ in the similitude of a dream that was  written in vivid memory like a Shakespearian play and never to be forgotten.

 This teenage voyage thru Europe and Mexico transformed into a mission path later being sent back to the Old World of Greece and the Mediterranean by my father and the Greek Orthodox Archbishop in Dallas. A mission that would lead me to meet Pope John Paul II years later. But Orthodoxy was followed by attending every Sunday school in every Protestant denomination in Dallas. Baptized by the Methodists @ SMU, baptized again with the 7th Day Adventists in Yakima and then with the Mormon Bishop in Ellensburg to finally completing Pilgrim's Progress with a final baptism from the Catholic Archbishop in Ecuador.
But the key event in all these missions was having the Born-Again experience like Franklin Graham describes and then in 1986 meeting and spending an hour with Pope John Paul II in Christchurch.




The  Born-Again-Experience in 1970 was a voyage OUT of the Sorcery and Shamanism of the Ancient Ones studying those arts with the Indians in the Land of the Toltecs south of Mexico City. But it had nothing to do with Voodoo or dark magic popular then with the French tarot cult of the Caribbean. It was almost a college major with Carlos Castaneda as our teacher.

 Here we must explain the genre of this book as story-telling from the  second level of speaking in Toastmasters International. For instance…Tommy Robbins is a story-teller speaker whose original 10 hour audio lectures were an inspiration. Tommy did many years ago something I did too and have never heard anyone do it since. He created a SÉANCE with his library books and arrived at a communication with the extant authors.  I did this with all my Greek and Roman saints and literary scholars too. But this was because I had been raised in the A.R.E. Edgar Cayce group of seers who communicated with people in the Netherworld. But the event became significant because it was a year-long propitiation to the saints and such on a Walden Pond with a giant table creating a séance to speak to these people.  This is probably why the title to this book is called Message From Saints.

The dimension we are crossing is the medium between message and messenger. Is an author the message or the messenger? I try to cross that river by explaining my teacher in Mexico Carlos Castaneda whose advanced methodology for example was sleeping with a group of his Nagual allies as he called them out  in the desert where they all woke up while asleep in a cognizant dream and went off into another experiential world and then return to the house and all wake up as a group and discuss the world they traveled thru … together.

My year in the deserts at a Mexican university was literally a separate reality following several years in high school with Edgar Cayce’s group of seancers and like-minded people during elementary school and attending with my Centennial master-Mason Eastern Star grandmother her Mary Baker Eddie Christian Science reading rooms. This synopsis of the book is only an overview. But the essence of Message from Saints is to contrast Message with Messenger.

Here is a Masonic-based emblem from Michelangelo that explains the relationship of PERSON as it is described in linguistic evolution. 

          Our year of college there had little to do with official classes, except for our fencing team.  It was essentially an anthropology exercise into the belief systems of the ancient ones of Mexico associated from traveling  the mountains with the Indians by horseback and traveling by van nearly every city, village and ancient site.  We were literally living out the books that Carlos Castaneda was writing for his New York Times bestselling readers. We simply decided to join the  Aztec, Mixtec, Toltec, Mayan, Olmec and learn for ourselves.   




This mission-story continues in Greece traveling thru the Mediterranean Islands on a Vespa scooter w/sleeping bag. Sent by the Greek Archbishop of Dallas, that also led to  several supernatural encounters with the ‘Ancient Ones’ of Greece and lastly a preliminary encounter associated with the new Polish Pope.

 The top of the pass in the Danaric Alps was still rutted with winter snow in Spring making it impassable for a Vespa. So I stayed with the Orthodox community in Pristina, Bosnia for a few weeks in 1981. My connection there with the Pope began by engaging the Soviets teaching them at their NCO club how Texans play pool like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. And that was fun.

 But  at the government hotel they had cartoons made against the Pope to justify hiring an assassin to shoot him that month across the Adriatic in Rome. They broadcasted their intentions for reasons of justification. It was obvious what they intended to do. But I objected to their obvious intentions. So  they said if I didn’t like it then leave the country. So I put my socks on my hands and pushed my Vespa half a mile thru the slush on the pass to Austria.

It is no coincidence all this happened. They shot the Pope and Reagan in the same time frame. Reagan said after Poland sent their man to Rome that he could be the key to bringing down the Soviet state and saving Russia. Evidently the KGB knew this too as a threat to their deep state swamp. Oddly this place where our confrontation happened would at the same time as his assassination event would be site of the apparition of Medjugorje.

          So we try to explain what Medjugorje is and what Fatima wasn’t’ as Saint John Paul later said that Medjugorje will save America.

Somehow I became a player on the world stage of high stakes drama in Medjugorje. This was confirmed 4 years later in New Zealand when Pope John Paul and I were there together. Here the next supernatural event that would compete with the Born Again experience occurred. A call it the Fatima event that came out of the sky while sitting with Pope John Paul II.  

      The next chapters describe the year following graduation in Geology and going to Australia to work as a field Geologist for CSR north of Darwin on the islands. But changing course spending months working and driving to all corners of the country to leave it all for South America. But while waiting a week in Auckland for a plane to Buenos Ares fate and fortune would intervene.  

The science of mysticism from Edgar Cayce and Carlos Castaneda was joined together with Geology as two different sciences after the few months throughout all the Outback learning all about the Aboriginals starting with a short stint in Anthropology at the Masters program at the University of Sydney.

The story jumps forward a decade after Australia and sitting with the Pope in New Zealand with a few months hiking around South America, then flying up to McGill University in Ontario and busing across to British Columbia. Then continues with a decade of fish farming, aquaculture and aquaponics. And in two stages driving a work truck from Anchorage all the way to the Panama border and buy a hectare of land for a fish farm on the Bay of Tarcoles in Costa Rica after studying in prawn farming in Taiwan and Texas Sea Grant College. By then the ’81 Bosnia and the ’86 John Paul events were forgotten. But another supernatural event would summon their memories at a science convention in British Columbia.

  Our Washington Senator Swecker, in charge of Salmon Recovery and the Director of Fisheries at UW, Ken Chew invited me to a 3-day $500 a chair conference called  How To Save The Oceans And The Seas. I carried the microphone (in lieu of paying $500) to the 1,000 top scientists, provincial governors, mayors and fish farmers (and Indian tribes) from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Maine to Taiwan until lastly it came to end of the 2nd day and the last question from the audience-  for the panel of experts on stage.

 This was when a voice from above ordered me to speak and tell a story about Archimedes and Jules Verne and my trout farm.  Later I realized it was a wakeup call from the Pope about the NZ Fatima event we witnessed together.  

So this changed the course of everything. I carried that speech on a few competition talks with Toastmasters in Washington and Europe.  The little speech I was compelled to speak became a subject of talk at  Toastmaster’s International clubs in England and  Spain by getting my attention that spending a personal hour with Pope John Paul II and witnessing a repeat of Fatima is not something you ignore.  

And in Spain, a few years later,  I got my orders from the Pope to begin the mission. A mission that would start in Venezuela. Then go to Ecuador and Columbia with three presidential families.  So much for saints holding all the cards! 


Our purpose in speaking and writing this book of journeys is to explore the serendipity connection to all the events which leads us to the ASSUMPTION of Saint John Paul as saint crossing the medium between messenger and message And what that means and why and how that possibly happens. Presuming he knows more now wherever he is than what he knew here as pope. 

We also petition his one and unique personal  American co-Saint Ronald Reagan…. to help save the world in the future by saving America and all the nations of the Americas in the New World Covenant. By understanding the errors of the past from Mussolini of Roma to Hitler of Germany and Lenin and Stalin – planted (by train) into Russia and to Mao in China. Was it an act of God- or did it come from the Dark Side. And what is the lesson? Esoterics. We can enjoy in our library of seancers the great writings of Madam Blavatski and her 7 volume encyclopedia that followed her seminal book ISIS UNVEILED. Is there a bit of prophesy here? Perhaps. But more importantly we separate the dark magic of the Voodoo and Tarot card readers who dealt all of Hitler and Mussolini’s hands from Marx and Engels. And draw the line more with Nietzsche to find the golden mean or middle way.

We say Fatima failed from the start with months of boiling the children in oil (in pseudonym). The church had been lost to Musollini and would never return- as Morris West told in his book about the Slavic Pope replacing the Italian with ‘Shoes of the Fisherman’. West who was so correct like Malachi Martin became not a Vatican exorcist but correspondent. So, the ONLY saint in heaven who had the great commission to save the world from a Failed Fatima- named after Mohamad’s daughter in Port-u-gal.



          Three children were called by God with a message ABOUT Fatima.  But were systematically imprisoned and boiled in oil (threatened to be). And this played out prophetically with 20 million people in Europe, Russia and China being boiled in the oil of the War Machine- prophesy is fulfilled.  FATIMA WAS AN ABORTION. Fatima is the remnant spirit of 700 years of Muslim occupation. And occupation of the Mediterranean that sowed slavery on Yankee traders and sowed slaves into the New World. Fatima was not the solution- Fatima was the problem. Fatima was the face of slavery that immigrated into Europe and the West with a form of Voodoo that would morph into Communism when Lenin’s train landed in St. Petersburg.

John Paul and Ronald Reagan must now be more than Saints in Heaven and examples of good work accomplished in 1987, but rather they must now be true guides- from the metaphysical- in saving the world from the future extension of a New world Order vying to replicate Fatima and the errors of Fascism called “Iron’ in the bible and Communism called “Clay’ – the two legs of a man that Jesus does not know- except His previous dealings “in the desert”.

No my friends….. Christianity like our language that came from Greek and Latin are creations before the mast of Peoples of the Sea and not gypsies, nomads, sheep and camel dwellers in the desert. This is the true line in the sand in human evolution.    

So, the book walks us through the past -into the future- in harmony with the Idea of a greater Church called God’s House that includes Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Greek Orthodox and all the denominations of Christianity welcoming kindred  Hindus and Buddhists-  all the while remembering past teachers like Cayce, Castaneda, Mary Baker Eddie, Ellen White, Churchill, Ratzinger, Eckhart, and Malachi Martin... Mahatma Gandhi and all those who wrote and thought from the Spoken Word with the Greek. And the written word in Latin as with our historical Saints. Thus we begin our journey.. into the Past... and into the Future. 


As Edgar Allan Poe wrote in the Pit and the Pendulum, as long as the pendulum swings from Left to Right and back again the world is victim to the Pit. So Trump like Reagan is not from the quagmire of the swamp or the pit. But he has stopped the pendulum. So now the road… the path.. the Way.. the middle path is open. And this is the essence of the Trinity with Christ. May he lead us forward to consecrate the Americas with the Message from Saints. And so we pray.